January 1, 2016

2015 Wedding Videography Year in Review

Indian Wedding Muslim Wedding Wedding

As I finish this MONSTER photography post that is sitting in draft format, here is the much MUCH shorter wedding video wrap up blog post for 2015! This year we had some awesome times doing both photography and videography at Indian weddings in Atlanta and even a few out of state! Betty started off the year (as usual) doing video with me but as demands of her new full time job in New York after graduating from Georgia State, she just isn’t able to travel down to Atlanta as freely for multiple days week after week. We were extremely fortunate to add on a new videographer as our primary shooter, Ali, who has done an amazing job shooting wedding videos with us as part of Team FengLong! Special shout out to “The Hira” as our honorary 3rd team member of the Original Squad even though she’s too big time now to have time for us :p

I put together this fun little video of us to show all of the crazy Behind the Scenes and Outtakes that happen during a wedding weekend! A lot of these are the clips that usually don’t make it into the highlight trailers for the bride and groom, but I still get a kick out of seeing them as I skim through the footage in the editing process. Sorry for always walking in front of your camera, Ali! ;)

2015 FengLong Best of Wedding Photography Blog Post

Here’s to a great 2016! Click here to see the gigantic 2015 wedding photography year in review blog post to see more Indian Wedding photos!

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